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Personal Training & Group Training in Ramsbottom

Our Training Services

Whether you need one-to-one personal training or the support of a group training community, the team at FuseFit can help you achieve your goals from our PT Studio in Ramsbottom or online.

Made by Community. Built on Consistency.

Personal Training

Are you struggling with motivation, want to gain more confidence in the gym, had a period outside of a gym environment or have only a short time to get the body you want?

Personal Training with FuseFit will solve all of the above. Our experienced PTs all have their own unique niches and are determined to get you the results you deserve.

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Group Training

Our small group training sessions are designed to get you results in the most cost effective way.

Our idea is unique – it is a PT session within a small group setting.

We are a community of people looking to get fit while having fun, with a mixture of abilities.

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Online Training

Sick & tired of being sick & tired?

Online coaching teaches you to take back your time and become the best version of yourself with a bespoke training programme, as well as giving you nutritional advice, weekly check-ins and 24/7 contact.

It’s perfect for people who struggle to stick to times and want to train on their own.

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