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Get the results you want with one-to-one attention

Private PT Studio in Ramsbottom

Through our Personal Training sessions and PT Packages, our experienced coaches will help you get the results you want.

We aim to care, educate and ensure you get what you want out of the process with over 15 years experience we can guarantee results or money back.

Our private one-to-one personal training studio ensures that you get the attention, motivation & structure needed to succeed.

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PT Packages

What do you get with PT Packages?

On-to-One or One-to-Two PT Sessions
Nutrition programme
Body Composition Analysis
24/7 Support

Plus lots of guides and information.

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Why Choose FuseFit?

FuseFit can help you overcome your personal training hang-ups.

Have you tried before but not got the results?
Struggle to know exactly what to do in the gym on your own?
Worry you haven’t got the correct technique?
Lack motivation or low on confidence?

We’ve all been there.

The good news is we can fix it!

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Our expert coaches will ensure you are on the right track.

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