Ashley Reece

FuseFit Owner & personal trainer

Fusefit Meet The Trainer

Who is Ashley Reece?

My name is Ashley Reece and FuseFit is my baby! It started in 2011 when I lived in America, initially as a little blog that has grown from there. The first 2-3 years I did mobile Personal Training, part time. Then I moved to DW Sports where I spent 2 years and now my own private studio in Ramsbottom. That has always been my main aim -it has took a lot of hours, hard work and PATIENCE!

Fusefit Meet The Trainer

Why do I love what I do?

“If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life”

I love working with different people every day and getting to take people through different journeys of their life. No day is the same. I have some clients who come in for stress relief, others that want to lose 2 stone and those that want to put on 12lbs of muscle.

Fusefit Meet The Trainer

What do I like to do in MY spare time?

If and when I get spare time… I’m obsessed with Coffee and walking Freddy The Big Dog.

I like going out for food and the odd glass of red wine; life is about balance.

Fusefit Meet The Trainer

Is training at FuseFit right for you?

Whether you are looking to start on your fitness journey or get over that last hurdle, I’ve worked with many types of individuals and each session is aimed at your own capabilities. If you’re unsure, why not book a complimentary consultation?