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Ashley Reece

Owner // Personal Trainer // Coach


What are you like as a coach?

I think most people will probably say I’m tough but I believe I’m fair & I care about our community & I want to get the most out of them.

I don’t shout, I just get disappointed in people – guilt trip always works better.

What are your passions / hobbies?

Apart from fitness & training for some random things.

I love coffee, red wine, rum & all things food. Hence why I do, what I do.

What do you do outside the gym?

Try and spend as much time as possible with my family – Beth, Isabella & Freddy.

Joe Ball



What are you like as a coach?

“Leave the gym feeling trained not drained”

When training people I look at how I can enable them to do more. How can I set them up for their day? I look to have clients leave the gym feeling a sense of accomplishment whilst enjoying training and ready for the next 23 hours of their day.

What are your passions / hobbies?

Other than being in the gym and training myself I also enjoy a good social occasion with friends. As well as spending nights in cooking up a storm for the family. I’m a big food lover and 9 times out of 10 my day starts with a pastry.

What do you do outside the gym?

Other than the gym I still like to keep myself active whether that’s spending the day out walking the dog or going out on my mountain bike for the day both normally followed by a pub lunch. I also enjoy weekend camping trips with my girlfriend Eleanor or the occasional lazy day watching films.

Jordan Hulme

Personal Trainer // Coach


What are you like as a coach?

At the gym I’ve heard people say “Jordan’s the nice coach” and “it’s easier with Jordan”. I don’t believe that’s the case myself.

I’m very much a people person and I feel like I can tell if a person’s having a bad day or just isn’t themselves and that’s life. I’m not here to make your day worse I’m here to help you!

But if your just being lazy then trust me you’ll get told!

What are your passions / hobbies?

Alongside the gym I am also a (semi) / professional footballer and have been since I left university in 2012 graduating with a physical education degree. Both of these things have combined well together to ensure that I have the skill base, knowledge and experience to help you on your fitness journey.

What do you do outside the gym?

Away from the gym you’ll find me either on the golf course, on my Xbox or at weekends after football in the pub! I’m not one to be counting my macros/calories but I work hard all week at football and in the gym so i feel like I earn the right to have a day or 2 off!

Ben Stanton



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