About FUSE 

Fuse Fitness is a  Personal Training and Group Training company servicing, Bury, Bolton and Ramsbottom owned by Ashley Reece a qualified Personal Trainer and Coach. Fuse was created on the basis of helping people ensure Health & Fitness is part of their lifestyle. Fuse offers a number of different services specific to your needs, whether you are looking to get fit and need that one-one help, looking to make exercise a bit more fun or you are training for a specific event or sport, Fuse looks to offer something for everyone. 

Fuse ensures clients achieve their goals whilst having a balanced and realistic lifestyle, listening to what you want and why, ensures we get the best results for you while having the most fun possible. Fuse offers a number of different packages that will fit into your lifestyle, ensuring you don't have to make too many sacrifices to achieve your goals and ensure all achievements have longevity and aren't just a quick fix.  

About Me 

Hi, I'm Ashley Reece, ever since being old enough i've always had a football at my feet, when I was around 14-15 I began to take health and fitness a bit more seriously, before that it was just about turning up playing with a ball or running around a track. 

I started where everyone does when they first go to the gym, I was given an induction, (someone telling me how to work all the fixed resistance machines) then left to my own devices. After a couple of weeks I began to get frustrated seeing other members doing complicated lifts and mixing things up, I went home and began to read and self taught  myself how to do many of the things I do today, failing many times, before I worked out and perfected certain exercises.

When I was 19 I was lucky enough to be offered a Scholarship to play Soccer (Football) in America, this is when I started to realise exactly what i wanted to do, during my time in the States I learnt more than ever, working closely with qualified strength and conditioning coaches and also given the chance to coach myself. I realised I loved to coach and work with people to see them progress. After 4 years of learning most of the things I know today I decided I was going to get my Personal Training qualification and continue my work back in North-West England, where I am today. 

I aim to give everyone that enthusiasm I have for health and fitness, showing people what is achievable if they apply the right principles and have a good lifestyle balance. Get in touch and see what I can do to help you, get FUSE FIT!!